Pastoral Care

Happiness Gets Results

We believe that the happier your child is, the more likely it is that they’ll be receptive to new ideas and in the right state of mind to learn.

At Portland Place, your child won’t be tested left, right and centre, but will have the time and space to discover how they like to learn. The atmosphere here is relaxed so our students are more relaxed, too.

Pastoral Team

At Portland Place School, we place a high priority on our pupils’ welfare, supporting them in their everyday environment. This ranges from relaxation techniques during examination periods to bookable counselling appointments, helping students manage times of transition and exam anxiety.

Each pupil is allocated a form tutor. The tutor will be responsible for the supervision, guidance and care of the pupils in the form, meeting with them each morning for registration.

In many cases the tutor will also teach one of their subjects and Citizenship. Tutors will keep records of attendance, academic progress and involvement in other school activities. They will also help advise pupils, in conjunction with parents and other staff, on subject options.

Partnership with parents is an important element of pastoral care, as are sound policies and guidelines. Parents wishing to contact the school about their child will normally contact the form tutor in the first instance.

The Head of Year co-ordinates the work of the form tutors in their year group. They have an overall supervision of the welfare, morale, conduct and academic progress of the pupils, as well as organising year-group assemblies and other events.

Heads of Year work with the Senior Leadership Team, especially the Headmaster, Designated Safeguarding Lead and SENDCo, to maintain the excellent standard of pastoral care in the school.

Our wellbeing and coaching program further supports our pastoral care for more information on our approach click here or follow the link below.

Designated Safeguarding Lead: David Bradbury, Headmaster
Designated Safeguarding Lead: Paul Jones, Assistant Head – Welfare (from Summer Term)