Scholarships can be worth up to 15% of the school fees. All scholarships are reviewed annually and their continuance is dependent upon satisfactory conduct, attitude, participation and progress.

To apply for a scholarship for Academic Year 2019/2020, a letter of expression of interest should be made by December 14, 2018.  The notification of outcome of the application will be sent with the offer letters in February 2019.

Art Scholarships

Art scholarships are open to students from any school from Year 7 onwards.  We are looking for students who meet the normal academic requirements of the school but who also demonstrate outstanding ability in Art, particularly through creativity, imagination, manipulative skills, strong powers of observation and evidence of some specialist language and concepts appropriate to the appreciation of art. We expect holders of Art scholarships to make a significant extra-curricular commitment to their art work.

Applicants will be asked to submit a portfolio of their work for assessment.  The portfolio should demonstrate a high level of personal achievement and commitment to art and design.


Drama Scholarships

Drama scholarships are open to students from any school from Year 7 onwards.  Candidates will be expected to demonstrate considerable natural ability and have performance skills that will act as an excellent role model to others. The school is looking for individuals who display both talent and the attributes valued in the theatre: reliability, flexibility, dedication and team working skills.

Successful candidates will be expected to make a full contribution to the Creative Arts life of the school, participating regularly in theatrical productions. Holders of the scholarship must be an excellent ambassador for the Drama department.

Applicants will be asked to take part in collaborative learning with our current students during their timetabled lessons and an audition.

Audition pieces can be the applicant’s choice, either a Shakespearean or contemporary text will be accepted. Audition speeches should be around 2 mins long.


Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are open to students from any school from Year 7 onwards. Music Scholarships are awarded strictly on ability and potential as tested at audition by the Director of Music.

The Music curriculum is diverse and wide ranging using the many resources available.  We have a broad range of facilities including the most up-to-date, industry-standard technology for all students to develop sequencing and score-writing skills, as well as a range of practical resources including a Samba drum set and a set of djembe drums. The Symphonfree Scheme provides all Year 7 students with free beginner instrumental tuition and free instrumental loan leading to the development of ensemble skills which is incorporated into the Music curriculum.

Portland Place School offers GCSE Music and we would expect all our Music Scholars to study at this level.  We have specialist teachers for in a wide range of instruments including Music Technology and DJing alongside traditional disciplines and regularly enter students for Music Theory and practical exams through ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall, Trinity Rock and Pop and LCM boards.


Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarships are open to students from any school from Year 7 onwards. Sports scholarships are available to talented athletes to support their development both academically and on the field of play. Experience playing one of our major sports (netball, rugby, football, cricket or athletics) is essential.

Applicants will be are invited in to participate in Sports/Games with appropriate year group to measure performance against peers. Evidence of participation at club (or higher) level outside school will also be taken into account.