Welcome to Portland Place, a school that The Good Schools’ Guide described as ‘a godsend for the discerning parent.’ We hope that will be your conclusion too.

Here at Portland Place we believe that exceptional teaching, combined with a modern curriculum inside and outside the classroom, provides the best stimulus for children to become inquisitive, open-minded and creative learners and achieve beyond exams.  We believe that all parents wish for is the knowledge that the grades their child achieves are the very best their child is capable of, be that a 9 or a 5.  This is reflected in our impressive results in which independent statistical evidence shows that we ‘add significant value,’ often 1 or 2 grades to those predicted by externally administered baseline testing.

Moving into our 22nd year there are changes beginning for us as a school. We are phasing out our Sixth Form, instead partnering with DLD College to provide for our students post-16. This change reflects the increased diversity our students look for after GCSEs – A level courses, yes, but also BTEC, Foundation courses and apprenticeships. This change means Portland Place School will focus on best preparing our students for any of those paths they wish to take.

If you want a school that can achieve excellent results but let a young person have fun in gaining them; if you want a school that really does know, care and respect your child as an individual and not simply a statistic; if you want a school that believes you need more than classroom activities to stimulate a young mind – then please do come and see us; you will be made very welcome.

David Bradbury


David Bradbury was previously the Deputy Head Academic at South Hampstead High School GDST. Before that he worked in a variety of maintained and international schools in various leadership roles including Assistant Head and Head of Science. He teaches physics, though he has also turned his hand to the other sciences and mathematics at times. He enjoys cryptic crosswords, cooking and archery (when he gets the chance).