We believe that all parents wish for is the knowledge that the grades their child achieves is the very best of their potential.
This is reflected in our strong results that show ‘significant positive value added’ by at least 1 grade – Cambridge CEM data.

When asked, our students say that they feel their academic success at Portland Place School is a result of their feeling comfortable and valued. There are small class sizes, averaging 16 pupils in Years 7-11, with an informal yet highly productive working relationship between students and teachers.

We are a non-selective school with a collaborative ethos that instils a sense of self-belief in our students, which is undoubtedly the platform for their academic success.

Analysis of GCSE grades

Portland Place students had yet another successful year for GCSE results with many noteworthy accomplishments.

Significantly, 28% of all GCSE grades were 9-7 increasing to 34% for English, well above the national average of 16%.

This exceeds benchmarks for an academically non-selective school. All our students are moving successfully on to their chosen routes forward. Most importantly they reached their potential, and achieved personally, socially, and academically.

Our students have welcomed offers from a diverse range of schools and colleges and they will now continue their education at well-regarded establishments such as St. Pauls, Highgate, Wetherby Senior, City of London, Mill Hill, South Hampstead High School, Ashbourne College, DLD College, Albemarle, St Marylebone School and Woodhouse College as well as creative educational settings including Fine Art College, Brit School, London Screen Academy and the Fashion Retail Academy.

2023 Exam Results: 28% grades 7-9

Previous Exam Years
% 9 % 9-8 % 9-7 % 9-4 % 9-1
2022 7 18 33 86 100
2019 6 13 28 86 100

2020 & 2021 No formal exams were sat due to the pandemic and results were based on TAG.