PPS Parents Network


All parents of children at Portland Place are automatically members of the PPS Parents Network and you are welcome to attend our meetings and  social events – it’s a great way of becoming involved in the school community and getting to know other parents.


The objectives of the Parents Network is to encourage parental involvement in the school community, and to support the pupils, by:

  • Raising money for a nominated charity, and getting Portland Place children involved where possible.
  • Organizing social events for parents (and sometimes children).
  • Welcoming new parents to the school.


  • Every autumn term, the Parents Network runs a highly successful Quiz Night which welcomes new parents to the school and is a great chance to get to know people. From time to time we hold other social events.
  • Year reps organize year-specific social events, such as bowling or ice-skating trips with the younger children and their parents, or drinks in a local bar after the parent-teacher meetings.
  • Headmaster’s Open Forums to give parents an opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns directly with him.  The forums also provide an opportunity to meet other parents from your year group and exchange views with each other.
  • Regular sales of second-hand uniform
  • Support for school events (sports day, celebration day, induction day)


The Parents Network is funded by money raised at social and other events.