The Strive Progamme

At Portland Place, we want to provide our students with the opportunity to:

  • Excite and broaden their mind on their favourite topics and subjects.
  • Stretch their learning far beyond the classroom.
  • Empower them to set their own learning direction.
  • Inspire and motivate them.

We want to provide our students with the opportunity to explore topics and issues further, to develop a sense of questioning and curiosity. When we are curious, we see things differently, making connections and experiencing moments of insight and meaning — all of which provide the foundation for rich and satisfying life experiences.

The Strive Booklets below, allow our students to harness their curiosity and deepen their interest and engagement of a particular subject through closer study. Each subject has suggestions about things to, WATCH, READ, LISTEN, SEE AND DO to foster passion and enthusiasm for the subjects our students love and develop strategies for independent learning. There will be lots of opportunities during the year to submit ideas and creations to our Strive Celebrations, where there will be awards for the most interesting, original and creative ideas.