SEND pupils learn their talents and abilities in a supportive atmosphere alongside their peers. Pupils work in small groups to address the challenges that they face in their learning using various study techniques and practices.

Our SENDCo Patricia Halcakova oversees all pupils with Specific Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). We are able to support children with mild to moderate learning needs in a mainstream environment.  Most children attend a before or after school club and continue with regular small class sizes and specialist teachers. Some pupils are invited to attend Learning Lab.

Learning Lab support class is timetabled during the time where the Year group would have an additional language twice weekly. Pupils attend for a variety of reasons; some pupils at PPS have Specific Learning Difficulties like Dyslexia or Dyspraxia, whilst some find other areas of the curriculum challenging, with number, spatial reasoning or social situations proving particularly difficult for them.

Current pupils’ thoughts:

“I came to the Learning Lab. because I needed some help.  Now I’m in the Lab. because it’s fun and it helps me a lot.”

“I like the Learning Lab. because it is fun.  We do much more than work; we dance and act.”

“In the Learning Lab. doing the work is fun and we learn a lot.”

“In the Learning Lab. we learn in practical, hands-on ways.”


In addition to Learning Lab we offer English as an Additional Language (EAL).  Some pupils join us already able to speak more than one language.  EAL provides the opportunity for these pupils to strengthen their Academic English in an inclusive and varied curriculum.  Our EAL teacher will provide personalised subject support dependant on the pupil’s current curriculum topics.  On graduating this support class, the pupil will return to regular additional Language lessons.  The timing is dependant on each individual’s progress.


Laura from Portland Place School on Vimeo.