Modern Foreign Languages at Senior School

At PPS, we make sure that the 3 main languages we teach as part of the curriculum –French, Spanish and Italian -are pushed and reinforced, via teaching and learning, but also through extra and cross curricular activities such as clubs and trips abroad for each of them. We run trips to Paris (Disneyland), Salamanca, Canada or Venice this year. We have many workshops such as flamenco classes, cheese shop visit or pizza making day with chefs in London.

We also aim to provide a more supportive, stimulating environment in which EAL children are enabled and encouraged to attain the highest standard of achievement of which they are capable of.

Recognising that our children have a variety of needs means that we also ensure that this will be reflected appropriately our teaching, and in turn provide long term provision for Russian, Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese, as part of our new exciting project of after-school classes; for both advanced and beginner students. Providing these languages reflects the richness of our multicultural society and the wide range of international students that we have at PPS.