Mathematics at Senior School

Mathematics is not only an intellectual discipline in its own right, but it also has essential applications across science, engineering, telecommunication, information technology and many more areas. Students are sometimes surprised to see how much mathematics is needed in other GCSE subjects. At Portland Place, we work actively with other departments to help staff and students see the applications of mathematics and help them to become more able with this.

In a world of instant access to most things, we are working to build students’ resilience and independence and equip them with the tools needed to tackle difficult problems. We praise accuracy ahead of pace and work to develop their written and oral communication skills, to help them become successful in their future work place and able to play an active part as citizens.

We work collaboratively as a department to ensure students have the key skills needed to progress well. It is in the centre of our ethos to start the learning from where the students are, and we check prior knowledge before starting a topic so we can make differentiation and our teaching more effective. We have a number of students completing their Maths GCSEs early and we are keen to work with students and parents to ensure we set up a plan for those students to further their knowledge and maintain their enthusiasm.