Geography at Senior School

At GCSE we deliver the AQA syllabus. Within this we cover three units:

1. Living with the Physical Environment: The challenge of natural hazards, Physical landscapes in the UK and The living world. This has a 90 minute examination worth 35% of the total grade.

2. Challenges in the Human Environment: Urban issues and challenges, The changing economic world and The challenge of resource management. This has a 90 minute examination worth 35% of the total grade

3. Geographical Applications: Issue evaluation (decision making questions using a pre-released source booklet) and Fieldwork (questions based on a fieldwork enquiry and the use of fieldwork materials in an unfamiliar context). This has a 75 minute examination worth 30% of the total grade.

The course is contemporary and engaging. Throughout the curriculum there are opportunities to use map skills (traditional and digital) alongside extending literacy, numeracy and ICT skills. Our students are global citizens. We celebrate our ethnic diversity, learning reasons for inequality in the world whilst considering the type of actions to be taken to make the world a better place.

Fieldwork is a really important part of geography. Day trips and a UK residential take place at GCSE in order to build on the topics taught in class and prepare for the Geographical Applications paper. A European trip is also organised as well as a bi-annual trip to Tanzania.