Art at Senior School

We have a practical approach to our subject which aims to build sound subject knowledge in a variety of media. We aim to help each pupil develop as an individual with the skills and confidence to explore their own unique imagination and creativity.

Our staff have specialist knowledge and experience in a wide range of different subject areas including Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Jewellery, Theatre Design, Costume /Prop Making and Special Effects. This is reflected in the broad range of experiences and opportunities that we aim to provide for our pupils from Year 5 through to GCSE.

‘Art as visual literacy’

We strive to promote art for all by teaching drawing and other practical craft skills as visual literacy: with sufficient time, effort and practice all pupils can learn to become competent. We aim to teach these skills using tasks that promote creativity and imagination.

‘A holistic understanding of Art’

Art history is taught in a holistic way to enable pupils to make connections between different time periods, cultures, individual artists and themselves. Pupils are taught to inform their own work through the study of other artists in order to build sound subject knowledge and understanding.

‘The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.’