To the knowledge of a lot of people, private schools and independent schools are normally words/terms that are used as each other. They are a school that is not funded by the state. These are a school that the stage doesn’t give gifts, tuition fees, and other endowments.

Though they have to conform to the education standards, safety, and health which would be inspected regularly by the Independent School Inspectorate as well as that done by other inspecting agencies. They also need to make their students and pupils get ready for assessments publicly as well as examinations the schools that are funded by the state would per take in too.


Most Important things to know about Private School London

  1. Are all the schools that are private selective?

On matters relating to private secondary schools, you must have knowledge about these schools as soon as possible before the application dates to the schools you’ll like to visit would pass and come to an end. But for some eleven plus entries, you can register before the deadline comes. Those who come late are rarely accepted.

In private schools in London, the selection process happens in two ways. You need to select the best private school for your child because this is important for their success and their future. Make sure a top name doesn’t seduce you. This could be publicly known but it might not be good for your child in more ways than those you can imagine.

Once you have selected the right school for your child, you need to see what the selection process is for the school. These days, several private schools make use of a pre-test. This test could have been designed by the private schools in London or it could be the ISEB Common Pre Test. This is used in year 6 or 7 to select the students that would get admitted into private schools in London. Normally, it is a quite straightforward technique. It is done with exams in English, Mathematics, verbal, science, and nonverbal reasoning. These are all done during the first month of the year.


Some school choose not to put students through the stress of exams and look at the student as a whole including their potential rather than exam scores.


  1. Selecting a Private School in London

Which desires does your child have, do you want a school the state pays for or you want to pay for your child (if you’re reading this article this means you want to pay for your child) do you want Co-education or single-sex? You must have a game plan because it is best to have something before the time for its use comes then for you to have nothing and when the time comes you’ll be hurriedly looking for alternate solutions. What do you desire from the Private School in London? You want to find a wonderful school, one that your child flows with, one with great facilities and which serves as a wonderful match to what your kid and you like.


  1. How to get my child ready for interviews from Private School

Schools funded by the state are not allowed to interview students apart from potential sixth form. This interview is an important part of practically every admission process for schools. These private schools tend to message the parents of the applicant instead of mailing the prospective student. The parents of these students feel responsible more than their child because of this social representation. This is because the child isn’t grown enough to handle these decisions on their own.


  1. Understanding what the eleven plus exam entails

This is an entrance exam which is necessary for getting into private schools in London. A huge part of England got rid of the long decades of schooling which has been used by schools funded by the state. Only some local authorities like Kent and Bucks still make use of these rules. On a good day, other grammar schools organize their exams which would let students get into the private schools in London.


  1. Open days for Private Schools in London.

This might not show the lives of the students in the school but it tries its best. But these open days talk about what happens daily and lets you get in the atmosphere of happens in the school in the absence of the parents. This is your chance to see what happens when you are not in school. You get to see how the teachers talk to your kids, you talk to the staff and pupils and you get to visit the private schools where you can contrast and compare what’s happening in the lives of the students and the teachers around.


Differences between Private Schools in London and Public School in London

In terms of quality, cost, culture, and offerings, private schools have a lot of differences. There are some areas where these schools are different from those ruled by the state. These differences also include finding, independence, accountability, and how they select students.


How they Select Students

On a good day, public schools have to serve all students. But private schools don’t need to. In private schools in London, to enroll your child they need an application that has been completed, and not every family is accepted. Some don’t meet the necessary criteria which the school is looking for.

Private schools in London and the tuition their parents pay are all viewed by the state which accounts for a very good thing. These private schools are not shackled by the rules of a public school. The teachers can make use of whichever teaching technique they desire. In private schools, you need to be sure about the certification and the oversight of the teachers in the private school. This is because as a parent of a child that you would like to put in a private school in London you need to know that the certification of the teachers is valid and of high quality. This is why private schools require lots of validation and accreditation for their curriculum to be up to the required standard.


Final Words

Private schools in London have a lot to say over the way the students are taught and the curriculum. These decisions are not made according to the education standards of the district and state levels. Independence of the type of education is obtained by private schools in London. The staff has a chance to tell the students to buy which textbooks for their classes. Lots of people prefer to take their kids to private schools in London.