Important things to know about Secondary School London

Selecting a high school can be difficult especially when you think about it often. In a place like England, there are not a lot of secondary schools that are at a distance that we can easily visit. Even when you check places that are urban areas, there are supposed to be more schools one can select from. But the available choices are not as much as you would think. Several secondary schools make use of proximity which is present in the policy of their admission. You could get the secondary school you desire and it could be dependent on the number of kids who are of the same age that live or stay around these secondary schools. At the end of the day, you know how parents can be, they would want their desires to be on the forms of whichever secondary schools their kids would like to attend. But before all of these could take place, you would need to know some essential things about Secondary Schools in London.

Whenever you think this through, when you want to select a secondary school for your kids, the presence of choices hasn’t helped in reducing them. This increases the stress people have to pass through for their kids to get a great school where they would begin the path to follow their dreams. These days, secondary schools now have websites, brochures and lots of adverts online and on local papers and the difference between reality and these several means of adverts isn’t so much when you think about it.

You also need to look at the languages the secondary schools in London have to offer your kids. Check the language the marketing techniques have to offer. Make sure they are not meaningless and bland.

This article is going to talk about Secondary School in London and the things you’ll need to know about it.


Important things to know about Secondary School London

  1. It isn’t known as High School but Secondary School

This is an important difference you should know about the schools in England. In the US it is known as high school. But in England and London, it is known as Secondary School. Here we have just primary school and secondary school and secondary school students are of ages eleven to sixteen.


  1. In this Secondary School, you’ll be wearing uniforms

In other parts of the world, during summer break, you see students going shopping to get dresses they’ll wear for the next coming school year. But in England, you just get your uniforms and get ready. All shopping and stress are not necessary.


  1. The mode of transportation in London is different from that of other places globally

Till you reach an age when you can have a driving license in England, you might need to be using the school bus. And here this system has double decks. It’ll take you to school and bring you back safely.


  1. Different allocated time off

In London, the Secondary School run on terms, this means you would be in school for about 6 straight weeks before you then get about a week off. This is what goes on all through the year. There are more holiday times granted during Christmas and Easter though and there are about six weeks granted during summer. There are different cons and pros of these systems though.

Of these pros and cons include the two months people get in the United States, this gives them a chance to get jobs during the summer and for them to travel places. But the times used for studying in London helps them remain focused on their academic life. It also gives them a little break so they won’t feel overworked. Though this means that they could never be out of their homes for a month.


  1. Are you ready for lots of tests?

In London, students go through a lot of tests. There are two major tests you have to go through in secondary school. These tests include the GCSEs which follows year 11 and the results you’ll get would determine what you would be free to study when you get to the sixth form. After the sixth form then you’ll get the A levels which could be life-altering


  1. Lunches in Secondary Schools are Epic

Lunches like Taco boat, Pizza, Popcorn Chicken, Tater Tots, and applesauce are parts of the things you should expect. Recently, the nutritional value and quality of food students are offered have been questioned. The lunches offered at London’s secondary school are quite nice.


  1. You enjoy a Standard Curriculum

The Curriculum set by Secondary Schools in London is standard. When placed among your peers, you feel you went to quite a good secondary school. This is something which should give you pride and which should make you happy. Here teachers do not have so much control over how you learn what you need to learn. These standards are quite the same in all parts of London even at different secondary schools.


  1. Enjoy special days filled with different varieties of things to do.

Here things to do daily do not always have the same steps to follow. Here the secondary schools work with time tables. This lets students have more time to enjoy 15 classes in hour increments on several weekdays. After two weeks, the secondary school brings up a new time table. This is necessary for your minds to be loose and for it to be able to adapt to change. This is a quite confusing property that secondary school has that’s a little bit difficult to make you understand. It is simple though to understand if your advisor is reliable and you can ask them questions. It’ll be very nice too if you have a planner that you trust properly.


More things to know about Secondary School in London

  1. Know which part of England/London you want to visit

Knowing the part of London you want to have your secondary school isn’t a simple task and London is a popular place which is known by everyone in the world. Make sure you stop every single thing from trying to stop you from making your dreams come true and studying where you want to. Have a great advisor. Tell them all the things you desire in a place you’ll like to continue your education. Both of you should make research and make sure the school you’ll be selecting would love to have you around. There’s a way a secondary school would just call out to you and you’ll know yes! This is where I want to study.

  1. Know about College Prep Classes

Try doing something more experiential and fun like college preparation classes. You do not have to only per taking classes that would get you into the university. Though that’s good it is very cool to branch out a little. Make sure you get the time to develop other skills like learning how to speak French, develop teamwork abilities, learn smarter easier techniques of making money, learn effective methods of communication, and other things too which could help you.


Final Words

Studying or getting your A levels from a secondary school in London is a great idea. From this article, you have all the important information you need to make that become a reality and if that is what you desire with proper advice and management, we advise you to go for it.