Drama and Musical Concerts

Drama productions

Our theatre productions are encompassing, covering different types of themes and styles such as musicals, historic and autobiographical.  They are aimed at bringing the school together, providing a social, fun environment whilst producing a great piece of theatre.  All students are welcomed to partake and can be involved as performers, technicians, front of house or part of our backstage team

All our productions are performed at venues in and around the west end.  Students can perform in professional theatres with capacity of up to 200 people

We do a school musical every other year, previous years we have performed Oliver and Anything Goes.  The years where we do not have a musical we have a school play such as Our Country’s Good and Alice in Wonderland.

Our upcoming production is Bugsy Malone at the JW3 theatre hall.


Throughout the year, there will also be opportunities to be involved in other productions such as:

  • A Shakespeare production performed at the Shakespeare School Festival (most recent performance was Macbeth)
  • Year 6 theatre production (previous years we have performed Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits


Music concerts:

Each year, the music department puts on a variety of concerts and performances, including:

  • The Christmas Concert – December – this includes every ensemble and some solo performances
  • The School Musical – April– a West End theatre is hired for a week for our whole school musical
  • Music Recital Evening – Spring Term – a collection of solo performances
  • Year 7 Concert – Summer Term – all of year 7 perform with some solo performances
  • Year 6 Productions – 6 pupils perform in their own mini production
  • The Summer Concert – June – this includes every ensemble and some solo performances
  • Music Assemblies – each lower school year group has one music assembly each half-term which includes various solo performances.