At Portland place co-curriculum is at the very heart of our school ethos.

Our Co-curricular programmes are customised to the students at the school and stem from the interests and passions of our students. The primary role of co-curricular activities is to simulate development whilst having fun doing an activity that is constructive and enjoyable.

We offer a wide range of clubs and activities which take place in all three of our buildings, these activities run throughout the course of the day; before school, during lunch and after school.

Students can choose anything from; LAMDA to debating club, design club and many of the sporting and musical offerings. The latest offerings include our MFL clubs, where students have a choice of doing Russian, Mandarin, Italian and Spanish. There are a variety of clubs for all age groups and interests.

Our clubs and activities are often updated on a termly basis. This ensures we keep up to date with the requests from students and staff, personalising each club to pupils current interests.

We encourage our students to try something new although encourage them to persist with the activities that bring them joy.

Clubs and activities can be found in the weekly newsletter under the calendar page. This is emailed to current parents every Friday.