When your child leaves school, they’ll need to be adaptable, ready for change and able to get on with people of all kinds, from all places, with all sorts of different abilities.

In this respect, Portland Place offers your child a great start in life. We encourage every child to draw on the energy and diversity of our student body and to make the most of our Central London location. It’s the ideal education for wherever they decide to go next, whatever they decide to do.

Time is spent outside our classrooms as part of our belief that learning happens when knowledge meets the real world. Our Central London location means that we are no more than a few minutes away from a huge range of cultural attractions. Arts and drama are very popular subjects at PPS, and our students benefit from visits to art exhibitions, classical or modern musical productions and the wealth of drama on offer in London’s Theatre Land. In fact, we regularly use RADA Studios as the venue for our performances.

Sports are well featured with after school senior and junior clubs representing a wide cross-section of sports. Competitive and friendly matches are regularly arranged with schools both locally and nationally.

A wide range of extra-curricular trips and excursions are also organised visiting places throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.


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