On Tuesday 27 November, PPS made their way to Lord’s Cricket Ground to finish their U13s indoor cricket tournament after a fantastic start in the group stages 2 weeks ago. PPS first took on Pimlico Academy and made the perfect start with an impressive victory. PPS won the toss and opted to bat first. Hamish Cooper and Sam Meyer both batted really well and retired after scoring 20 runs each. Nicholas Bartha, Victor Calbucci, Isaac Meyer, Roberto Hinton and Lawton Ballbach all contributed as PPS recorded a final score of 73 for 6. Pimlico stepped up to bat and it wasn’t long before the boys took a couple of wickets. PPS demonstrated some excellent fielding skills with impressive accuracy during the innings, as they limited Pimlico to a 34 runs before they were all out to take the victory.

In their next game, PPS took on a strong Westminster Academy in the game of the tournament. Both teams were in good form. PPS batted first and started well, however it was clear that Westminster had some very good bowlers who could bowl with consistent pace and accuracy. PPS dealt with the challenge and showed great determination to run whenever a run was available, even if a little risky at times. The boys racked up a high number of runs per over in the opening 4 overs but tailed off a little in the remaining 4 overs. At the end of the innings PPS had scored an impressive 88 for 6, a very good score considering the quality of the Westminster bowling and fielding. Westminster stepped up knowing they would really have to bat well to reach PPS’s score of 88. In the early overs Sam Meyer and Hamish Cooper bowled with ferocious pace limiting Westminster to only a few runs in the opening couple of overs. It wasn’t long before the boys took a couple of wickets but then Westminster started to throw caution to the wind and started to hit the boundaries on a more frequent basis. The boys kept their composure and Riccardo Pillotto took an excellent wicket when he bowled and caught a difficult shot on the bounce that was played straight at him and managed to turn and hit the stumps before the batter could get over the crease – an impressive piece of fielding. Sam Meyer took another wicket in his second over and whilst Westminster did bat very well, they could not reach 88 runs, eventually scoring 61 all out. A very important victory that meant the boys would need just one more victory to win the tournament!

In their final game, PPS took on Marylebone School. PPS were much fancied in this game, they were undefeated and had just beaten a previously unbeaten team in Westminster….but if anything, this heightened the boy’s nerves before the game as Marylebone had nothing to lose. PPS batted first and started a little slowly, the nerves were evident and the boys were not making as many clean contacts with the ball as they had done previously. However, this only lasted for a couple of overs and it wasn’t long before every shot seemed to hit the boundary. It was an outstanding performance as PPS hit a total of 74-2. Marylebone came into bat and started well but the PPS bowling and fielding was just too fast and accurate for them as PPS took a comfortable win. PPS U13’s…….. WESTMINSTER SCHOOLS INDOOR CRICKET CHAMPIONs!!!!!

 The boys played some absolutely outstanding cricket throughout the tournament and should be very proud of themselves, they were undefeated and regularly averaged more than 8 runs an over! Absolutely brilliant boys, a fantastic achievement. WELL DONE!