On Thursday 26 April a group of young mathematicians at Portland Place took part in the Junior Maths Challenge. This is a challenge that encourages and helps develop students’ problem-solving skills. The challenge is aimed at Year 7 and 8 students, but Victor Cho and Tom Hallam from year 5 and 6 respectively have been entered early as two very promising mathematicians at Portland Place. Results will come out in a few weeks and we wait to see who have done well enough to receive a certificate or go through to the next round. Please congratulate the students who were selected to take part.

Year 5: Victor Cho

Year 6: Tom Hallam

Year 7: Nicholas Bartha, Victor Calbucci, Kayla Cho, Hamish Cooper. Angel Ellis, Max Hubert, Laura Rouchen, Elliot Macleod, Ronan McCarthy, Lucas Munford, Irene Peleteiro Paniagua, Leo Sargent, Cassius Swales, Gordon Turnor

Year 8: Jan Ceylan, Dylan Cohen, Amy Cooper, Beatrice Curto, Angelo Dillon Demosthenous, Calder Douglas, Bo Frampton, Elliot Greenfield, Joshua Hallam, Sam Ingram, Nicholas Kazarina, Sid Marber, Nazim Merad, Anton Polyakov, Arthur Quairel, Sultan Sindi